Roof top Restaurant

Jaisalmer is all about rich cultural heritage and beautiful forts to captivate your mind. In order to enjoy the panoramic nightscape of these beautifully lit forts with a starry sky, we have set up a roof-top restaurant for our guests.

Relish the traditional Rajasthani cuisine by exploring various dishes from our traditional dinner buffet! This luxury hotel in Jaisalmer is bound to rule your tummy with delicacies like Dal Bati Churma, Ker Sangri, Gatte ki Khichdi, Rajasthani Kadi, Boondo Raita, Aam ki launji, Badam Halwa, and the list goes on!

Rajasthan has a fantastic selection of one-of-a-kind meals that will leave you wanting more. We recommend that you give it a shot at least once, and we bet it won't be the last!

Hotel Hayyat is the only affordable hotel in Jaisalmer to satisfy your appetite to its fullest with affordable prices. We use refined oil for cooking, and our professional chefs follow all the COVID-19 protocols for hygienic delivery for you.

Roof top Restaurant
Roof top Restaurant
Roof top Restaurant

Pickup Drop & Sightseeing

Prepare yourself for a lot of surprises when you reserve a stay at our home! Hotel Hayyat is one of the best hotels in Jaisalmer which provides a pick-up and drop facility right from the railway station or airport. Once you arrive in Jaisalmer, just unwind and leave everything in our capable hands. Never leave off visiting the Jaisalmer Fort, Gadisar Lake, Patwaon ki Haweli, or Kuldhara from your list of places to see in Jaisalmer. Your vacations will be more enjoyable thanks to these locations. One of the largest forts in the world, Jaisalmer fort, also known as Sonar Quilla or Sone ka Quilla (golden fort), is situated in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, and stands tall, displaying its beauty and elegance. Gadisar Lake is a great destination for a vacation because it has so much to offer, whether you want to unwind or embark on an adventure. Some of the best craftsmanship in the area can be seen in the Patwon Ki Haveli, also called the Patwa Haveli. It's an amalgamation of five incredible mansions built in 1805 by a wealthy merchant, and it was the first and largest Haveli complex built in Jaisalmer!

budget hotel jaisalmer
budget hotel jaisalmer
budget hotel jaisalmer

Desert Camping

Welcome to India's majestic city, also referred to as the "Golden City," where the forts are still alive. With its majestic forts and palaces, Jaisalmer is referred to as "The Royal Desert City" of India. Despite the excessive commercialization, it is one of Rajasthan's most visited tourist destinations and is famous for its enormous sand castles, forts, and vibrant bazaars. Spend a night in the desert while experiencing the real adventure of the Thar Desert and the Jaisalmer winds that whisper the glory of legendary kings. Cherish the beauty of silky dunes, mesmerizing evenings filled with the colorful attires of Rajasthani folk dancers, and vibe with the majestic forts of Jaisalmer.

If you are looking for some adventure in the city of Royal Deserts, then embark on the desert camping to have a holistic view of real Rajasthani Culture. Your eyes will be treated with the most iconic views of the shimmering dunes and thrilling safaris. Comfort yourself amidst the golden Thar desert of Jaisalmer as an escapade from daily bustling life with us and create a new page in your memories with unforgettable experiences!

We bet for sure that you are going to get crazy with an urge to upload all your sizzling picture-perfect poses on Instagram at such soulfully crafted tents!

desert camp in jaisalmer
camp in jaisalmer
desert camp jaisalmer

Camel Safari / Jeep Safari

To keep you entertained during your stay with us, reserve one of the top Jaisalmer camel safari packages, and experience the next level of thrill with a camel safari! Camel rides with Jaisalmer's Hotel Hayyat are available at both sunrise and sunset. The most remote areas of the desert can be seen by riding a trained camel, which is an unforgettable experience. A Jeep safari in Jaisalmer is as adventurous as it gets because you can travel through the rocky and sandy landscape of the desert without having to worry about your blood pressure or adrenaline levels rising. Furthermore, jeep safari is quicker and more enjoyable than camel safari because one can travel comfortably in a jeep through the desert, unlike camel safari, which does not allow you to visit all of the dune areas in a single day. Being surrounded on all sides makes it safer as well.

camel safari
camel safari
jeep safari
Quad Biking / Parasailing

The Quad Biking In Jaisalmer gives you the chance to experience an adventurous interest consultation in Jaisalmer that will fill your heart with enduring memories. Rekindle your competitive spirit by taking advantage of the chance. Enjoy a thrilling ATV ride in Jaisalmer and take pride in operating a quad motor motorcycle among the Thar Desert's golden dunes.

Your thirst for adventure can be sated by quad biking, which lets you ride a four-wheeled motorcycle through the desert. Enjoy a thrilling 20–25-minute trip through the dunes to make the most of it. While riding a quad bike for an hour through the golden dunes, experienced guides will accompany you.

Try parasailing in Jaisalmer if you're afraid of flying. Fly through the air and over the ethereal sand dunes, which from above resemble golden silk. To ensure your security and safety, paragliding instructors oversee and direct the session. Jaisalmer is a worthwhile location for paragliding due to its vast land and well-built runaways. You can soar through the air like a bird while parasailing in the Jaisalmer desert!